Team Conduct

We want to be known as the team that helps out each other and others racing Porsche Unleashed. While we may not be the fastest, the highest in point rankings, we strive to be the best of friends.

Please take the time to read through the following considerations:

Honesty -- i.e. no use of hacks, holes or cheats of any kind
Courtesy and politeness, to each team member and to anyone else playing online

We want to try to avoid:

Verbal clashes
Team bashing
Nagging or hounding
Any confrontation that results in an argument

Our team names are to be constructed as follows:

The [RS] tag in front
An individual name of the team member's choosing
Limit 4 characters - this is so that our entire name is visible on the license plate
[RS]Alt, [RS]JMac, [RS]VFR, [RS]BALL & [RS]E28 not [RS]Alt-F4

Also, it is important that all our team members use their [RS] personnas only when they are racing online. Using multiple personas limits the number of different racers who will be able to record their names on the Top 50 lists.

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