Hide and Seek


Find and hit or strike the BLACK CAR 2 times - with no less than 3 seconds between hits, then DNF.

Quick Rules:

1. Do not complete the race course. Boundaries = Tunnel & Fountain.

2. No Map or Radar (gentlemen's agreement). F7 temporarily turns it off.

3. Collision & Damage are ON.

4. Find and hit the BLACK car 2 times (with no less than 3 seconds between hits) then DNF

5. When you see multiple DNF's, you should also DNF

6. The BLACK Car (Runner) will get a minimum 15 seconds or 300m head start!


1. Keep moving - a moving target is always hardest to find!

2. When it is your turn to be the "Runner" be sure to pick a car that handles well.

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