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HINT #1: If you haven't already downloaded the four (4) extra cars that do not come with this game, then go download them A.S.A.P. and get the files INSTALLED. The total file sizes will be just over 5 MB. Each file MUST be installed! During online play, there will be many times when one of these cars is selected and unless you have the car in your list, you will need to exit the pit before the race can commence.

Have you ever wondered why some of the other racers run so fast? Do you think that maybe they are cheating, just because they disappear and/or leave you in their dust? Do you wonder why, at the very start of the race, your opponents seem to get such a good start off the line? Well I wondered about a lot of this back when I first started playing the game online, too! And as a matter of fact, I nearly gave up! I will try to explain why some of these things happen and why you shouldn't give up!

First off, a little about my online racing (virtual online racing) background. I have been playing Need for Speed / Porsche Unleashed since August of 2001 when the game was first introduced to me by a good friend of mine (we worked together). His personna (nickname) at that time was VFR750 (Honda Motorcycle model that he owns and rides). He is now part of Team [RS] (Virtual Racing Team) that I founded in December of 2002. VFR750 (now [RS]VFR) and I worked for a small computer supply house and we would have "slow periods" (read: no real work to do), so he brought in his copy of NFSPU and installed it on a two-computer network (our test computers). This is where he got me "hooked" on the game. I started out using the keyboard for all controls and letting the computer control the shifting (Automatic Transimission setting). To this day, I still use Automatic shift, but have experimented with Manual shift.

Let's talk about Evolution Mode in NFS/PU first. If you want to get aquainted with the buying and selling and advancing in the game, then play this mode. I highly suggest that you complete this portion of the game before you seriously spend a lot of time online playing the game. You will learn that you need to invest wisely and drive safely in order to advance in this portion of the game. You will start off with just enough funds to buy a basic car and race against the computer A/I (artificial intelligence). Once you have won a few races, you will be promoted to the next level. Each level or year will give you the ability to purchase newer and faster (quicker) cars. And if you buy and sell used cars wisely, you can end up with a good amount of money along the way which will allow you to modify your "owned" cars. All owned cars appear in your car listing with a color box (the color of the car) directly to the left of the description of the car.

Online, these cars are known as "Modified" or "Owned" cars. Some pits race both, modified or just Stock cars. The listing of Stock cars do NOT have a color box in front of the car description.

While you are playing in the Evolution mode, you will be presented with some challenges that you feel that you will not be able to conquer - I know, I sure felt that way. But with a lot of practice, you will eventually overcome these hurdles and move on.

Evolution Mode HINT: Always make sure that you have enough funds on hand to have "Entry Money" (for some races) and also enough cash on hand to repair your car(s) along the way. If you find that you are running short of funds, go to the Buy/Selling of Used cars. Buy low, repair (if you can) and resell the car at a profit (if possible). To sell a car, select the car first (so that it is on your screen), set a selling price (never as low as what you paid for it, if you can help it) and then click on the Back button (lower-left-corner) of the screen. You will then be offered a price and have the ability to accept the offer. Buying and selling (preferrably used cars) will allow you to accumulate enough cash to move up in the game. You won't make as much profit on the older cars until you are out of that particular "era". You will see what I mean when you play.

Online Play HINT: If your car becomes damaged during online play, it will not remain damaged. Once the race is over the car will return to non-damaged mode. Therefore you won't need to repair the car from your funds.

I suggest that you play all of Evolution Mode before trying your hand at Factory Driver Mode. Factory Driver is much more challenging than Evolution mode.

If you are using the keyboard for car control - I did for about 4 months before I purchased an R/C-style of wheel / controller, it will NOT allow you to steer or accelerate / decelerate at a proportional rate. Steering is either "full-left" or "full-right" with nothing in between. Same holds true for the thottle. Even an "inexpensive joystick" is better than the keyboard for steering and thottle control. My first controller that I still own, but don't use, is put out by RealRace. It comes with an R/C car/truck simulation game (that I've never played) that must be loaded in order for your computer to see and allow you use of the controller. It has a steering wheel, a trigger (throttle/brake) and one (1) button (I used that for car reset). It is available from Tower Hobbies. I have purchased two of them (gave one to my son).

Game Play HINT: I guess it is obvious here, get some sort of Proportional controller (joystick, wheel, etc.) and use it instead of the keyboard.

Recently, I have switched to another R/C type of controller that is now out of production but can be found on the Internet if you know where to look. It is another "hand-held" proportional steering/throttle wheel that has up to four (4) programmable buttons. It is an "InterAct FX Wheel" and it is shame that the manufacturer dropped production of such a fine racing wheel.

So you wonder why we are so fast? Practice, practice, practice! Lot's of playing all the way through the Evolution Mode as well as Factory Driver game modes. And there are other ways to practice in offline mode through "Single Player" mode. You can play knockout or single race. You will have the ability to turn off Damage, but disabling Collision is NOT an option.

HINT: In online play, if you go to the "NO-STATS" server (no statistics kept) and create your own pit, you can experiment with the Collision and Damage settings as well as many other features that are NOT available in offline play.

When you get to the Server Selection Screen in Online Play, there are usually three servers listed. Server 1 and 2 are STATS servers. These computer systems USED TO KEEP TRACK of your points which were viewable at's Top 50 and individual courses on their web site. However, EA has closed down this site as well as the Server Status online website. So far EA has NOT re-instated these websites - but we're hoping that will change.

Don't ever assume that the racers that you are racing against are "CHEATING!" Most of the time, it is your lack of racing experience that makes it look (to you) like they are cheating. Therefore I say, Practice, practice, practice! In evolution and knockout modes, you will get a lot of practice. When you can successfully beat all of the other racers with good-sized leads, you will know that you are on your way to being a good racer.

HINT: Just don't forget to use the brake from time to time. It is better to NOT slide through turns or "ride the rails" if you can help it. You will get much better times if you can keep the car on the road and not up against rails, fences, etc. You also lose foward motion when you "power-slide" through turns.

HINT: Quick take-offs (hole shots) will get you out in front of the pack quicker. Rev that engine up, but not necessarily to the red line) and hope for a good start when the voice says "GO!" If you wait until after the "GO" you find that you will be at the back of the pack watching their taillights dissappear off into the distance.

HINT: If you have other racing games (circuit tracks, etc.) practice there as well. You will find that on most of the better racing games that there are times when you MUST use that brake!

HINT: In-Pit lingo explained. gra=Great Race All, hwg=Here We Go, lol=Laughing Out Loud, #$%@=Sorry, I can't repeat that here, newbie=New or fairly new online racer, wonderful website that will offer great advice as well as other things!

Don't get discouraged, and above all - practice, practice, practice, practice, practice......until you find that "racers line" that you are looking for.

12:30 PM September 30, 2003


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Alternate Scoring System(s)

This is from [SS]Bif. He was telling me about a scoring system that he has used and been part of in the past and wanted to share it with me. So I thought that Iwould post it for all to see.

Here is how the scoring system works: -

The winning team has least amount of points (like golf). To decide who wins, add up the points of the teams.  Eachplace gives points. Its really simple and effective, I used to run a lot and this is how they scored races. Itís effective, because it involves team effort so every point and every one counts. We can also keep a running tally so we can have a weeklong tournamentand add the totals altogether or any span of time or races.

Points System: -
1st place gets 1 points
2nd place gets 2 points
3rd place gets 3 points
4th place gets 4 points
5th place gets 5 points
6th Place gets 6 points
7th place gets 7 points
8th place gets 8 points

Sample race Placement: -
1. [RS]VFR
2. [RS]Alt
4. [SS]Who
5. [SS]Danh
6. [SS]1/2
7. [RS]JMac
8. [SS]Bif

The score would be [SS] 23 and [RS] 13. Since Team [RS] has lowest score then they would be the winners.

We have already used this for some online racing. It sure was a lot of fun seeing a pit with four of each team racing for points like the above.

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